Medical debt relief program

Our application program allows individuals that are saddled with past due medical debts to apply for financial relief.
The Application Program targets the complete abolishment of medical debt person-by-person, which has the most meaningful immediate impact on each individual. Our target impact is for every $100 donation we will aim to relieve $500 or more in medical debt.
We will work to settle debt with the creditors directly, and in cases where the applicant qualifies for charity care financial assistance through the provider, we will work to ensure they receive the benefits of that program.
Leveraging our volunteer team’s ability to negotiate and settle medical debt inexpensively is how we can stretch our donor dollars the farthest.
Please consider donating today.
medical debt relief programs

Application Program

This program gives us the best opportunity to provide individuals a true clean slate as they provide all their past due medical related debt regardless of how many providers or collection agencies that debt may be owed to.
Application Process:
Individuals apply via our website.
We validate the individual meets the eligibility criteria.
We negotiate on behalf of the applicant for settlement with the provider or collection agency.
We send payment directly to the provider or collection agency to pay off the account.
Applicants are notified of their relieved debt.