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Positively impact individuals struggling with medical bills through a targeted focus on medical debt elimination.
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Listen to our Founder, Sam Jacobson talk about Clean SlateZ and her personal journey to start this non-profit, please click here.
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At Clean SlateZ, we believe in the power of a fresh start. We've seen the harsh realities that countless Americans face due to the weight of medical debt—dreams shattered, futures uncertain, and the ever-looming fear of a financial pitfall. It's not just about the money owed; it's about the immense stress, strain on families, and the dimming light of hope.
Born out of a profound understanding of these challenges, Clean SlateZ emerged as a beacon of hope. Our purpose is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a drive to make a tangible difference. We are devoted to improving the financial well-being of economically disadvantaged individuals. Through the strategic use of donations, we aim to give every individual an opportunity to begin anew, free from the shackles of medical debt.
Our dedicated team, with their vast experience and passion, works tirelessly to turn our vision into a reality. From negotiating with providers to validating each application, our team ensures that the process is seamless, giving beneficiaries the clean slate they truly deserve.
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Our Purpose
“To revolutionize financial well-being by eliminating medical debt burdens. Through strategic use of donations, Clean SlateZ strives to provide financial relief and alleviate the burden of medical debt for those in need, offering economically disadvantaged individuals a fresh start. We firmly believe that healthcare should empower lives, not limit them."
Our strength lies in our dedicated team—a collective of compassionate individuals driven by a shared vision. Every member brings expertise, commitment, and a genuine desire to change lives. Together, we aren't just relieving debt; we're restoring hope, dignity, and dreams.
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Meet the Team
Samantha Jacobson
Sam was inspired to found Clean SlateZ after watching several people close to her struggle with increasing medical debts they could not afford. She offered support where she could, but often felt helpless to make a meaningful difference.
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Birt Stem
Board of Directors
A stalwart in healthcare for over three decades, Birt Stem's journey has been vast, from clinician roles to sales management and leading IT units for medical device firms.
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Miranda Dickman
Board of Directors
Miranda Dickman, a healthcare veteran with 20 years under her belt, is an authority on medical billing and collections for providers. Her expansive understanding spans medical claims, insurance dynamics, collection agencies, and patient financial assistance programs.
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Lauren Fuchsen
Board of Directors
Lauren is a seasoned registered nurse with over 15 years of diverse experience, spanning various roles at the bedside and in business. For the past four years, she's dedicated her expertise to third-party administration, empowering employers to tackle the soaring healthcare expenses. Her work has a profound ripple effect, positively impacting consumers downstream.
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Melissa Butler
Board of Directors
With over 15 years of dedicated experience in Talent Management and Human Resources, Melissa has established a distinguished career marked by a profound focus on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She brings a wealth of expertise in shaping and executing strategic talent acquisition plans that drive organizational growth and foster inclusive workplaces and integrating these principles into her leadership approach.
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