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Medical Debt Causes Serious Problems - Sometimes for Years

Take a deep dive into the cascading effects of medical debt, an often-unseen crisis. This isn't just about bills—it's about lives, livelihoods, and long-term health repercussions.
Health Decline- People saddled with medical debt often face secondary health challenges, from high blood pressure to mental health strain. Their self-reported health status dwindles, life expectancy shrinks, and the shadows of financial strain impact well-being.
Credit Catastrophe - It's not just an unpaid bill. A missed medical payment can lead to a dent in credit history. After 180 days, it morphs into an "account in collections," affecting everything from housing applications to employment prospects.
Barrier to Better Debt- A tarnished credit history isn't just a number. It stifles opportunities for mortgages, loans, and other financial endeavors that could uplift one's economic mobility and long-term prosperity.
Job Jeopardy - Employment isn't just about skills and experience. With over 30% of employers peeking into credit histories, an unpaid medical bill might be the silent factor in missed job opportunities and promotions.
Home Hurdles - Dreaming of a new home? Medical debt could stand in the way. Whether it's securing a mortgage, navigating loan terms, or simply convincing a landlord to hand over the keys, a poor credit history erects barriers.
Costly Consequences - Consider this: a good credit score could save $3,000 in interest on a $10,000 car loan. The true cost of medical debt extends far beyond the initial bill, inflating interest rates and financial pressures.
Transit & Utility Troubles - Beyond homes and jobs, even basic needs get complicated. Car loans become pricier, and setting up utilities might demand heftier security deposits. Every aspect of daily life feels the pinch.
Debt's Domino Effect - It's not just about one bill. Those struggling with medical payments often find themselves in a cycle, juggling credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, and even payday loans.
The Unexpected Victims -Think it's only the financially careless? Think again. Half of those with medical collections on their record have an otherwise pristine credit history. Medical debt is an uninvited guest, crashing even the most financially disciplined lives.

Tens of Millions in Deep Debt

Americans owe more than $190 Billion in medical debt! The average household balance is $4,600 in unpaid medical bills.
Medical debt is an all too familiar tale. A simple ER visit can amount to several thousand dollars out of pocket even if you have insurance coverage. Need a major surgery, a long hospital stay, or have a chronic disease? You're talking serious money that most people cannot afford to pay.
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Medical debt is the most common debt reported on credit reports and the main debt driving collection activities. In fact, medical debt is reported to be the cause of 65% of US bankruptcies.
Is there a way to tackle this mammoth issue?
With our team’s diverse experience in healthcare billing and medical collections, we understand the ins and outs of the problem. More importantly, we've crafted solutions that truly address it.
Clickhere to learn about our programs that helps individuals and families recover financially from medical debt.
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